Why YOU should get your developers from Portugal!

Portugal is an underestimated EU country that often performs just as well as respected northern European countries. It is often not on the radar of companies who are thinking of nearshoring, although it should be. Check out some facts about Portugal to compare it to its neighbours and other fellow Europeans and find out why there is an opportunity for some great talent waiting for you.

From Northern/Western Europe, Lisbon is only a three-hour flight away. The tech-scene is booming and the cost of living is much lower, giving it a great competitive advantage. The permanent workforce is up there with The Netherlands, making it a stable market to hire from. They rank right in between Germany and The Netherlands when it comes to ease of doing business for lower wages than any of its neighbours!

The gender gap and technological readiness show a progressive culture. Especially women find gender equality in the IT workplace the most important element of a proper culture and the technological readiness ensures rapid adaption and familiarity of digital products. This makes Portugal an excellent country for digital advancement.

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