Do you know how many software developers are there on the planet? 22 million and by 2022, this figure is predicted to touch 26 million mark.

Yes! in the recruitment domain, software developers and programmers have turned into diamonds. They are tough to extract, the world wants them, and even those who own a bunch want even more.

But, the reality is software developers are out there in millions yet companies are struggling to get best of the lot on board. You must be wondering ‘Why’?

Well, the problem lies in the hiring process prevalent these days. Usually, whenever there is any job opening regarding the job profile of a software developer, what companies generally do is that they copy paste the same generic ad opening across various job portals and websites like Monster, CareerBuilder, Linkedin or any other ICT job portals and job websites.

Unfortunately, instead of drawing potential candidates to respond to the posted opening, these "wanted" ads drive suitable applicants the other way. The blame lies on the way these job postings are written. As those who are writing these ads generally, don't have much knowledge about the work profile of developers. Thus, they often end up writing a generic job description regarding the vacancy of developers.

Moreover, posting the same generic ad across multiple ICT job portals leaves a bad impression and also, lacks the touch of personalisation. Not to forget, posting such non-conversion ICT jobs on various ICT job sites will be very time-consuming and ultimately, will make the recruitment process long and expensive.

So, the question arises how to attract top-notch talent without exhausting money and time of the organisation? Don't worry we got you covered. Check out the below-mentioned tips to land the best candidates out there for any ict job.

It’s all in the Title

Job title is one of the very first touchpoint between your organisation and your potential new hire. The title name will not only give an immediate idea about the opening but, will also display your post in a broad search by the users looking up for positions of a similar nature.

Also, refrain from using in-house titles, or short forms so, that applicants thoroughly know what your job posting is about before going ahead.

No high word count, please!

Avoid putting up a long list of skills which are mandatory. Because most of the times, only a few number of people will possess the exact combination skill listed for the ICT job. As a result, most of the job seekers will skip applying due to lack of certain skills which otherwise could be easily learned.

Instead of mentioning the company’s requirements for the candidates applying for the ICT job, one should mention the challenges associated with the work profile of a programmer. This way candidates will get motivated to apply for the posted programmer job.

Mention those Perks!

You allow developers to work from home on fridays?

Great! just don’t forget to mention this fun perk in your job posting!

Remember! the best way to hit the right chord with the job seeker is by mentioning about the laid back working atmosphere of your company. Nobody likes working under somebody’s thumb and great programmers often deliver best when given space and freedom to work.

Keywords are the key!

Ditch fancy terms like "data guru" or "social media star". Candidates are looking for keywords like full stack well-developer or front-end web developer. While posting the job description, do take help of the keywords your potential hire is looking for.

And, make yourself stand out from the crowd by putting up a specific and honest job description. No copy and paste, please!

Don't forget to use long-tail keywords.

Always remember to deliver what you had promised. Nobody would go for a programmer job where the company is delivering inefficient services to its customer base. Moreover, companies should refrain from promising the world to the candidates only to disappoint them later. Such things only earn bad reputation to the firm. So, keep company’s expectations and benefits realistic and clear.

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Happy Hiring!

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