With such a thriving tech scene and high-level universities, one could think that Dutch tech employers would have no trouble finding skilled IT workers willing to join their company. Yet the reality is dramatically different. On February 2018 NOS reported that the Netherlands are facing a shortage in experienced developers. This trend is even set to continue: the Netherlands are expected to come short of 54.000 skilled IT workers by 2020. Combining your existing workforce with talented developers from abroad, the so-called ‘blended workforce’, may be the only acceptable course of action. Are you ready to review the benefits of working with a blended workforce?

Besides gaining access to a pool of highly talented developers, what is the added value of a blended workforce for your organization? Four things to think about.

1. You will cut costs

Even when working with nearshore developers, labor may cost 30- 40% less than the same labor performed in the Netherlands. You will benefit from reduction of costs at nearshore facilities, as well as lower salaries.

2. You will be able to retain skilled developers

At this moment, Dutch developers receive job offers nearly every week. The increasing demand of developers means that developers are hunted frequently, and that large competitors are overbidding salaries. Having a development facility abroad will make you less vulnerable for competitors and it will make you more attractive as Dutch employer; who likes to work for a company with a development facility, 3 hours away in Lisbon?

3. You will enhance accuracy

Although the majority of developers are used to doing their work online and collaborate with others online, blending your workforce requires change in your habits of development. You will be communicating in English and work flows will be more structured. And that is an upside for your business.

4. You can focus on your business

Recruiting and staffing personnel can be a time- and money consuming process. Also, when searching for developers, the speed of your development will get under pressure. Or, when your business is not IT per se, having to deal with your own IT department can impose tremendous operating costs. Nearshoring removes this problem almost completely while providing you with the best professionals only at 3 hours distance.

To sum up

Blending your workforce will certainly have impact on the reduction of costs, as well as it will boost your development processes. Most importantly, a blended workforce will make you more attractive as a Dutch employer. Companies such as Zalando, Mercedes and Google are already working with blended workforces, and they will be certainly not the last ones.

Do you want to work with the best software developers who are dedicated to work for you 24/7? And learn more about the possibilities of working with developers from abroad?

Feel free to contact us (e-mail: martine@world-coders.com) or (phone: 31-611732464) for more information. We will get back to you!

About WorldCoders

WorldCoders finds real code fanatics and lets them work dedicated for your company, from our office in Lisbon. Our customers not only have access to their own top developers, but they also have a much lower monthly cost burn rate. Lisbon is a three-hour flight; the tech scene is booming and the cost of living is much lower. That is why we can create this advantage for companies in countries like The Netherlands, Germany, UK and France. But there is not only the cost advantage up to 40%.





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