33 employees worldwide and a coffeeshop as headoffice

Working remote

Let me tell you about a great company we ran into. MailerLite. Mailerlite is an emailing solution with almost 500.000 customers and over 1+ mio euro revenue.

And here is the fun part: they work remote. Out of the 33 employees only a small part works part-time from a co-working space/coffee shop in Vilnius. And the rest works from Bali, France, Costa Rica, Thailand, Scotland, Poland and a lot of other places.

Mailerlite has used current global workplace and technological possibilities to its advantage. There is no shortage of staff if you think global and they screen staff properly on being highly motivated and result driven for the job. If you give your employees the tools to work together, Mailerlite shows you that the paradigm of working in the same office is a no more than a dogma in your head.

How does that work? I can imagine that you ask yourself how you would run your company with employees all over the globe and a coffeeshop as a headoffice? Well, here is how Mailerlite does it.

There are important things to watch, of course. When working remotely, self discipline and personal situation will reflect greater on professional work. You have to be selective in hiring people. And look specifically into their ability to work online and their ability to be communicative about their work and personal situation. Otherwise, it is hard to feel connected to eachother.

Managing a remote workforce also means that you will focus on output and online transparancy. It means an adjustment but it will make your company more efficient and more fun to work for.

To support this, Mailerlite uses tools like Slack, Trello and 15Five to manage people, process and product. These online systems are leading in every discussion within the company; if something is not in there, it doesn’t exist. This way, you allow everyone to have the same information and participate equally.

Monthly meetings and 2 Workations

The other thing is that you need to focus on team management; how well is your team connected? MailerLite has 1 day every month that they spend on the team; how is everybody doing? Both personal and professionally. What are the things we are working on? Twice a year they have a ‘workation’ with the team. They spend a week together working and having fun on a shared location.

Important take-aways

  • Talent shortage. Current talent is global, not local. With the current talent shortage you should take advantage of going global;

  • Result driven. The upside of remote working culture is not only employee freedom, but much more focus on results;

  • Selection. Select your employees also on personal drive, discipline, tech-savviness, transparency and communicative skills;

  • Communication. Focus on communication. Meet every month and talk about work and personal life. Make sure that something only counts if it is shared online in the right channels.

  • Tools. Use tools like Slack, Trello and 15Five to manage people, process and products. If it is not in there it doesn’t exist.

  • Team building. Twice a year you should all meet and spend a few days as a team.

With thanks to and admiration for MailerLite for their way of working. It's inspiring and you can see that if you do it right, it is not a limitation, but a strength of your company.

More information on Remote working or blending your workforce? Feel free to contact us on info@world-coders.com

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