This week the Staffing Monitor report* shows that in two years time, 43% of the global IT workforce is working independently. And that the high demand of software developers has brought a new trend there; the blended workforce.

According to the report, experts foresee that, by 2020, 7 million jobs will be lost because of digitalization and 2 million new jobs will arise. Especially in IT. This has enormous effects on your company, especially if you are a SME company. Software developers are very demanding when it comes to their employer and your brand is not as well known as Google, Apple, Amazon. It is essential to think about your future workforce and how to deal with this.

More ‘digital’ jobs in companies

Software is eating more and more of your primary process of companies. And that of your competitors. Therefore, you will need more digital personnel that understand software development. And you cannot stay behind and need the best IT talents to stay ahead.

Prices are rising

The same report shows an extreme high demand of software developers and that prices of independent developers have risen with 17% per year. It’s not just the price, it is also the availability; there are just not enough local developers to meet market demand.

The new trend; blending your workforce

Attracting the right IT talent is no longer a local challenge, it is a global market. Software developers want to work anywhere for everyone at any time. If you want to be well staffed, you need to think across the borders and use the opportunities of blending your IT teams with top developers who work abroad. There are some do’s and dont’s when you are setting this up, but this can actually increase creativity, software development structure and make you more attractive as an employer.

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* Source: The staffing monitor (2018) is a yearly report of the Staffing Group.

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